Could you give me tips on how to dress down a body con dress please :)


shoes are best flat- go for slip on, espadrille style shoes or sandals (à la birkenstocks)

layering is your best friend- tie a plaid flannel around your waist and throw on a leather or denim jacket, and you’re golden.

dress down your hair and makeup- tousled, beach hair or a messy top knot plus natural, dewy finished makeup will compliment your look really well.


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new look, new avi 👻

new look, new avi 👻

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Will you be traveling to London in the future? Or would you like to? I would love meeting you xxx

hopefully!! i’m highly considering moving to london for a little bit in a few years, but for sure I’ll be visiting soon.

i’d love to meet you xx

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ootd ft. dirty mirror 💩✨💩✨💩✨💩✨💩

ootd ft. dirty mirror 💩✨💩✨💩✨💩✨💩

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Hey Emma! i was wondering what you're favourite/signature perfume(s) are? :-)

chloé perfumes will always be classic go-tos for me, particularly chloé roses eau de parfum (i love love love the scent of roses, so the hint of rose plus the classic chloé perfume is pure magic tbh). another lovely one is balenciaga’s florabotanica. it’s pretty heavy but it’s gorgeous. it’s a great f/w special occasion scent. just a dab of this will last the whole night! jo malone (my favorite is cucumber and earl grey) and marc jacobs (i’m a huge sucker for daisy) are also great.

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Oh. Haha i was just curious! ;P do you like anyone hmmm? x love u em

i think i do but i’m trying to figure out if the feeling is mutual ????? lol

i love u more xxx

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