EL + JES, LONG FLIGHT DURING SUMMER by dresslikethegirls featuring Topshop

Topshop vest / R13 plaid shorts / Boohoo mini shorts / Topshop sandals / Elliott Label leather rucksack / Elsa Peretti 18k gold pendant / H&M aviator sunglasses, $6.67
Hey! Airplane anon, i forgot to say that I'm going in summer so yeah!

got it, no problem :)

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Hiiii! Could you do an Eleanor Calder and Jesy Nelson inspired outfit for a 12-hour plane ride? Cute but comfy? Thank you so so much, Emma!

Sure! You’re welcome!

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would you mind creating a Barbara Palvin school set from stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe? Thank you in advance, love you Emma!!

just posted! no problem :)

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BARBARA PALVIN - AFFORDABLE SCHOOL OUTFIT by dresslikethegirls featuring a mini crossbody purse

Forever 21 graphic top / Forever 21 vegan biker jacket / Forever 21 acid wash skinny jeans / Forever 21 lace-up ankle booties / Charlotte Russe mini crossbody purse / Charlotte Russe chain link necklace
REAL VS STEAL - ‘THE ALEXA’ by dresslikethegirls featuring top handle bags

Mulberry top handle bag, $2,170 / Forever 21 faux leather bag 
I AM SO HAPPY DLTG IS BACK THIS WAS/IS MY HOLY GRAIL FOR ALL THINGS FASHION. speaking of fashion, I have recently gotten myself into a dilemma. normally I would just wear whatever is on sale/what my parents could afford. for the time being, it was alright. but now I really want to develop my own style/look/fashion, but I'm not sure where to begin. do you think you can give some tips on how to develop one? thank you a ton Emma, much love!!!


I toootally can relate to you. My freshman year of high school, I felt just how you do. I would highly suggest starting a Polyvore account if you haven’t already! It helped me develop my taste and pick out what I like versus what i don’t like. And the best part about it is, it’s free! You don’t have to own the clothes you use on Polyvore to create awesome outfits that represent your style. 

It’s totally normal to feel frustrated about not really having a developed, unique style. I think that over time, I got over the whole frustrating ‘one-day-I-want-to-feel-rocker-but-the-next-day-I-want-to-be-girly’ thing, and once I got over that I felt like I knew my personal style a lot better. Fashion is all about having fun and experimenting; and through that will you get in better touch with your personal taste. 

I also suggest writing up a list of all of the stores you like/people who inspire you/specific clothing items you love/wish to own one day, online ‘window’ shopping (again, Polyvore is great for this), reading up on fashion blogs and gathering inspiration, possibly creating a vision board with cutouts of outfits you like, and even reading a new book or magazine can spark inspiration (example: once I started reading Nylon mag, I knew immediately that it would be my Holy Grail and I felt so much more comfortable with my style).

In conclusion, DREAM BIG! Even if you can’t buy items to experiment with, trying all or some of the previously mentioned things will help you express your creativity and develop your style so when you can afford new clothes, you’ll know exactly what you want/need in your closet. Trust me, waiting to go shopping versus buying something every time you go out and being a picky shopper is one of the greatest gifts the fashion gods can give you!

With time, I promise you’ll start feeling less frustrated and you’ll feel totally comfortable with your personal style :)

And in the meantime, if you ever need help reworking clothing items that you already have in your closet to fit how you feel you want to look or anything of that nature, just let me know and I’ll gladly help you out!

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Hiya! Just had a quick question about the giveaway- will we get to pick the lipstick shade or is that pre-decided? Thanks :) xx

Hi! I’m answering all giveaway oriented questions via email,, buuut your question is such a quick one I’ll just answer it here! 

The shade is pre-decided (the shade is called 43 La Favorite), as it’s Alexa’s favorite, so that is the one we choose for the giveaway.

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CARA DELEVINGNE - OVERSIZED DENIM J by dresslikethegirls featuring Helmut Lang

Diesel shirts top / R13 cotton jacket / Helmut Lang clothing, $215 / Givenchy black high top sneaker / Karen Walker Eyewear oversized glasses
Can you please do a cara inspired outfit with an over-sized jean jacket? Thank you :)

Will be posted in just a moment!

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